enterprise se aşteaptă să - şi recapete comercializarea seminţelor de legume, changsha următorul pas

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enterprise se aşteaptă să - şi recapete comercializarea seminţelor de legume, changsha următorul pas

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  In recent years, seed industry frequent positive and policies to increase encourage consolidation mergers and acquisitions, vegetable seed is a corn, wheat seeds by new markets for domestic seed industry attention. This field is still the main foreign control situation, the future is expected to achieve accelerated mergers and acquisitions. 

  Ryuhei Gaoke (000998.SZ) recently said vegetable seeds company under a key, industry professionals predict, acquisition of Vegetable Seed Co., Ltd will become a breakthrough in Ryuhei Gaoke, the target was likely aimed at the industry's large vegetable seed research enterprise. At the same time, at present domestic listed companies, Denghai seed industry (002041.SZ), Fengle Seed (000713.SZ), IFAD (600313.SH) have been gradually into the vegetable seed market.

  Large enterprises to regain the vegetable seeds, or become Ryuhei GAOKE next target plate

  According to the understanding of the Intelligence Agency (DZH News), for nearly a decade, as the basis of food security of the seed industry gradually by national attention, with efforts to increase policy support, scientific research funds of enterprises increased, including Ryuhei Gaoke, Denghai seed industry, IFAD and other large seeds of the listed company has started to become bigger and stronger, regain field crops of corn, rice seed initiative, but vegetable seed is still in "colonised" stage.

  Ryuhei Gaoke official said recently, vegetable seed market share of 50 billion, but domestic enterprises accounted for than not, with sales of more than a billion or so 2 - 3, high-end, high profit varieties of vegetables is all are foreign occupation.

  The person said, the next step will be the company focus on vegetable industry development direction, the company will be out of action. However, the person is not clear vegetable The Seed Company in the future of specific breakthroughs, he further pointed out that this business as long as the one hundred million sales profit is 50 million, very impressive.

  A senior agricultural researchers great wisdom to the news agency said that although Longping high tech and org m failed, but CITIC settled in large shareholders, company capital is adequate, so future acquisitions vegetable company the possibility is very large, which Beijing Jingyanyinong technology development center as the Beijing Vegetable Research Institutes of agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd., belonging to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, may become Ryuhei Gaoke acquisition targets. Longping GAOKE had also said that Beijing is the best research at home and do the vegetable seeds