The rise of domestic vegetable seed industry: more than 85% of their varieties

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The rise of domestic vegetable seed industry: more than 85% of their varieties

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 At the closing of the world seed Conference on the development of vegetable industry in China by the parties concerned. As a vegetable producing country, China's food as much as the importance of the development of vegetable industry. In recent years, the domestic vegetable seed industry rapid development, research and development ability gradually improve, new varieties are emerging. However, the domestic vegetable industry to realize the rise, also need a process of continuous efforts.

  Shouguang City, Shandong Province, is the "bridgehead" the extension of domestic and foreign vegetable varieties, here can be a glimpse of the competition of domestic and foreign vegetable seeds. Before 2011, Shouguang planted tomatoes, eggplant and other vegetables, foreign varieties once accounted for more than 60% of the market share, bell pepper, no thorn cucumber etc. even as high as 90%.

  For domestic vegetable seed industry development, Shouguang and give full play to the vegetable market and resource advantage, construction of national vegetable industry innovation base, cultivate with independent intellectual property rights of vegetable seed, enhance the core competitiveness of vegetable industry. At present, the city has 12 breeding enterprises, more than 200 breeding enterprises. Last year, the independent research and development of Shouguang vegetable varieties reached more than 40, realize the transformation of vegetable planting base to breeding base.

  According to the Ministry of agriculture of the plan, to 2020, to in the country built a number of large-scale multi-functional national vegetable seed industry innovation base, focusing on cultivating a group with independent intellectual property rights of the excellent vegetable varieties, and actively promote the domestic and international seed industry personnel, technology, capital and other joint participation in the development of vegetable industry. Under the support of national seed policy incentives, in recent years, gradually raise the Chinese vegetable new variety research and development capabilities, breeding of a large number of varieties, in most areas instead of foreign vegetable seed, independent selection of high-end vegetable varieties also gradually emerged.

   Although the foreign vegetable seed has developed in our country, but the domestic vegetable seeds still occupy the leading position. Reporters from the just concluded world seed conference learned that currently in China more than 85% of the vegetables planted their own varieties, the advantages of foreign vegetable seed is mainly reflected in a few species, such as sugar beet, tomato, bell peppers.

  Liu tiebin, President of the China Association for seed vegetable seed branch said that foreign vegetable seed industry with science and technology, capital and other advantages, but only in terms of Solanaceous and high-end facilities vegetables occupy a dominant position.