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   Degao vegetable seed and seedling Research Institute have more than 18 years of experience and history in the field of vegetable seeds. We specialized in the b reeding,seed production,and marketing of vegetable crops,especially in pakchoy,Chinese cabbage,cucumber,green onion,radish and root stock.Our mission is to breed various high quality vegetable varieties which benefit farmers and serve the people all over the world .We already have accomplished seven national and provincial breeding programs, and our 10 varieties had been released by national government.At present, we offer about 250000 kg seeds to domestic market ,our seeds are wildly planted in 30 provinces of China which done a great contribution to Chinese agricultural industry,our seeds also have been exported to Canada, American, Australia,Thailand and Malaysia.

   Thank friends and seeds expert for giving so many helping and support to Degao,  Welcome you to Degao, Welcome you to China!