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Degao enterprise culture
One, mission:GAOKE cultivation varieties, to create a global influence Chinese seed brand. The             modern breeding methods, will continue to cultivate new varieties of vegetables to the             needs of the market, to enhance the level of China's seed industry, farmers harvest to             achieve the dream.
Two, vision:Through the sustained efforts of all staff and the pursuit to become JCDecaux                     world-class seed enterprises.
Three, core values:A high degree of professionalism, innovation, efficient work and solidarity             and cooperation of the staff is the biggest wealth tachco.              
            Every employee must abide by the laws of the state, honest and trustworthy, can not             deceive customers, partners and slander counterparts
            The quality of life is of high moral quality is the first, competitiveness. In order             to improve the quality of the brand value, excellent product quality is always the             pursuit of the highest reputation.          
            The realization of brand value comes from the power of the collective. Breeding,                 production, inspection, processing, packaging, sales and so on each link to strive for             excellence,in order to create a high quality products.
            Customers are always partners, uphold the principle of win-win cooperation, sincere,             active, professional, efficient and humane to serve customers, the pursuit of customer             satisfaction.
Four, the spirit of unity, diligence, innovation, efficiency