Major events

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    Venture in 1998, is headquartered in Dezhou City, North Road, Dexing municipal Party School of the German city of the south, breeding base is located in Dezhou County of Ningjin City 
    2000-2001 year, presided over the Dezhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of Chinese cabbage breeding project    
    In 2001, the German Feng 1 Chinese cabbage through the Beijing crop variety Approval Committee
    In 2002, the establishment of the first breeding base, breeding base from Dezhou moved to Ningjin City, Germany, the head of the Temple Township
    Shandong Province, the main crop seed business license and production license
    2002-2004 years, presided over the Shandong provincial science and Technology Department of Chinese cabbage breeding project
    In 2003, 65 Chinese cabbage like anti JCDecaux was approved by Shandong crop variety Approval Committee
    In 2004, Tokuta Haru Chinese Cabbage by Shandong crop variety Approval Committee
    In 2004 -2005, presided over the Dezhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau "qualification and development" a new generation of cucurbit rootstock subject
    On 2005, Chinese cabbage Lily JCDecaux approved by the Heilongjiang provincial crop variety Approval Committee
    Tachco No. 8 Chinese cabbage was approved by Beijing crops variety Approval Committee
    Officially launched Yuehua pakchoi, 536 fast food series of Chinese Cabbage Varieties
    In 2006 1, Wheelock (JCDecaux No. 1) of Chinese cabbage was approved by Shandong crop variety Approval Committee
    For the first time in China to launch anti clubroot of Chinese cabbage varieties such as "CR117" and the glory
    In 2006 -2010, breeding project in the national "948 green onion ginger garlic items".
    In 2007, a comprehensive office building and warehouse began to build
    2008, donated three hundred thousand Chinese cabbage seeds to the Wenchuan disaster area
    Tachco 16 through the national and Beijing crop variety Approval Committee (Trial) set in
    Qinghua 76 identified by the National Crop Variety Approval Committee
    JCDecaux summer white No. 1 was approved by Shandong crop variety Approval Committee
    In August 3, 2008, the headquarters moved to Dezhou City Economic Development Zone, the rise of Temple Industrial Park
    2009, Dezhou vegetable Engineering Technology Research Center was established
    From 2009 to 2011, presided over the national agricultural science and technology achievements transformation in project funding, polyclonal antibody, high yield, quality of Chinese cabbage JCDecaux series of new varieties and safe and efficient technology promotion, and through the national acceptance
    In 2011, Degao International Department was formally established, 4300 square meters of seed processing and inspection center to start construction; through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; become the Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA) formal member.
    2012: JCDecaux seed processing inspection center was officially opened as the world Seed Association (ISF) member. Second breeding ground to establish and put into use.    
    2013: the selection and development of a hybrid of the new generation spring, summer and autumn in Shandong province"
    2014: the auspices of the Shandong Provincial breeding project "cruciferous vegetables staple of new varieties breeding and development of" JCDecaux cell engineering and Molecular Breeding Laboratory was formally established.
    2015: JCDecaux 18 Chinese cabbage through national identification; the enterprise was awarded as China seed AAA grade credit enterprise; JCDecaux CR117 and Degao 536 "fast food was named" Chinese vegetables "for China's vegetable species preferred; Shandong Agriculture University; student teaching practice base was formally established, JCDecaux its marketing department officially established