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Culture of isolated culture and molecular breeding technology
Culture and molecular breeding technology:
  Isolated microspore culture is also called pollen culture is refers to the direct from the buds and anther get free, fresh, appropriate period of microspore population growth (immature pollen) by cultured the dedifferentiation, via embryoid and callus induction, regeneration of haploid plants, and then, after spontaneous or induced chromosome doubling become normal fertile and highly homozygous diploid plants process.
  Isolated microspore culture, haploid frequency is high, can interfere with the anther wall, anther septum and the parent organization to the upper part of the body cells, may receive a lot of pollen plants from anther less, at the same time, microspore plant recessive trait performance. Therefore, the plant types; also can get pure and polyploid, double haploid, alien addition lines and substitution line, thus providing a variety of genetic material analysis. However, the requirements of the training technology and strict training conditions. Therefore, the isolated culture of isolated culture has a very attractive application prospect in the field of genetic breeding.
  2014-2015, my unit with 53 Chinese cabbage varieties as test materials by isolated microspore culture, haploid cells of each test material, natural doubling, can quickly get the purification of parent materials, due to the recessive traits to direct expression in the double haploid plants, to artificial selection brought great convenience.