Interpretation of the newly revised seed method

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Interpretation of the newly revised seed method

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  With the November 4, 2015 closing of the twelve National People's Congress of the seventeenth meeting of the Standing Committee voted through the revised law of seed. Modifications to the seed law aims to promote the healthy development of seed industry in our country, the protection of national food security, regulate the behavior of the parties, to solve the management of germplasm resources, plant new varieties protection, seed production and management supervision and management.

  The new revision of the seed law of 10 chapters 94, will take effect on January 1, 2016。

  Decentralization stimulate the vitality of the market

  In order to implement the party's 18 and the eighth session of the third and fourth plenary session on decentralization, the transformation of government functions, and better play the role of the market spirit, the newly revised law of seed on seed production and management were important modifications. Is mainly reflected in four aspects: one is to reform and improve the main crop variety approval system. Second, according to the production and operation of combination, breeding and promotion of integration of large enterprises, the independent research and development of the main crop set up a "green channel", these breeding to push the integration of large enterprises production license examination and approval authority, decentralized to the provincial level agriculture and forestry department in charge of. The three is to improve the provincial ecological regions and regulations, by going through agriculture and forestry departments of provinces and municipalities in the introduction and agreed to change the record. The four is to cancel the license of the seed quality inspection authority inspector. These initiatives to stimulate the vitality of the market has a great role in promoting.

  It is worth mentioning that the reform is a perfect variety approval system especially the manifestation of decentralization.