The new seed law will come into effect next year: the need for information disclosure

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The new seed law will come into effect next year: the need for information disclosure

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  In November 4, 2015, the National People's Congress voted to pass the amendment of the seed act. The amended law to increase the illegal seed seller, disrupting the market order of law enforcement and punishment, will be implemented in January 1, 2016

 In a news conference yesterday, the NPC Standing Committee, the NPC Standing Committee Law Committee of the economic law office of the deputy director of the Yue Zhongming explanation says: the seed law modification, improve the law enforcement mechanism, seed violations investigated and dealt with in the process can take administrative compulsory measures.

  For Keng, a number of typical cases, Yue Zhongming said, sentenced to a prison enterprise legal representative and senior management personnel, and introduced the trade ban provisions.

  The modification of the seed law, but also involves the provision of genetically modified. Press conference, a reporter asked this question: the Forestry Department of agriculture of the State Council shall strengthen tracking, supervision and timely announcements about genetically modified plants variety examination and the promotion of information and the provisions of this article the understanding of how?

  Seed Management Bureau, Ministry of agriculture to respond to the Secretary Zhangyan Qiu said: "on the management of genetically modified, the Ministry of agriculture has been the attitude we all know, four words that 'positive research, promotion carefully, according to the regulations, strengthen supervision". The seed law to amend the seventh to further clarify the requirements of the regulatory and information disclosure of genetically modified varieties to track. We are in the implementation of the production and operation of genetically modified seeds without approval of the illegal acts resolutely crack down on the production and operation of the. Approved by the crop seed, approved by the production and business license approval, variety approval, registration, labeling, filing and other requirements, the establishment of traceability system, according to the law in accordance with the regulations".