The seed law is expected to be introduced next year to adhere to the market and to support the seed

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The seed law is expected to be introduced next year to adhere to the market and to support the seed

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  Xinhua Changsha, September 17 (Xinhua) -- from 16 in Changsha, Hunan Province, the opening of the Twelfth National Seed Information Exchange and trading was informed that with the Chinese government to seed a strategic position clear, China will be the "national strategy" attitude to deal with the "seed sovereignty" face challenges.

China is a major agricultural seed resources, a total of 440 thousand crops to save 340 resources, this number ranked second in the world. But the high quality seed resource loss is serious. At present, China seed industry top ten enterprises in the global market share of the total accounted for only 0.8%. Face a challenge with the deepening of foreign seed industry to "ABCD" four companies (ADM, Bunge and Cargill, Louis Dreyfus), China "seed sovereignty".

   since 2011, the State Council has three times in a row, issued a document to support the domestic seed industry, clear seed industry is a strategic core industry, is to promote agricultural development, the fundamental guarantee of national food security. It can be said that China's seed industry is entering a golden age of their own." Deputy director of Seed Management Bureau of Ministry of agriculture Ma Shuping, China through a number of measures to actively develop the domestic seed industry.

  The first is to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions, and in research and development capabilities, capital capacity, fixed assets and technical level, such as a substantial increase in the access threshold. National seed companies from more than 8700 in 2011 to the current 5200. Also through the project support, build green channel, reduction or exemption of enterprise income tax etc. ways to support enterprises to build commercial breeding system, 2013 countries seed enterprise income tax shall be exempted from 6.5 billion yuan.

  The two is to strengthen the seed base construction, improve the ability for species protection. Ma Shuping introduces, at present China were delineated by the northwest, southwest and Hainan three seed production area. Which Hainan province intends to seed core protection area planning 50 thousand acres.

  The three is a clear division of research institutes and enterprises. Ma Shuping said, in addition to increasing public research institutes based on investment, countries also clear commercial enterprises as the main body status of breeding. And establish seed industry science and technology achievements transfer of public trading platform, transaction management approach to develop, protect intellectual property rights of enterprises and innovation ability.

  The Agriculture Committee of the NPC bill Office Deputy Director Zhang Fugui introduced new "seminal law," the draft has been completed, is expected to at the end of next year formally introduced. "Revision of the" seed law "adhere to the encourage enterprises for independent innovation, the protection of new varieties of plants; strengthen national breeding base of public research support; adhere to market-oriented and support the seed companies and protecting the safety of the seed industry and other principles." Zhang Fugui said that the country in the form of legislation to encourage enterprises to innovate and ensure its market position, the purpose is to protect the country's seed sovereignty".